Terminos and condition
13 Apr 2016

* $15 iinfo@chieftrikerentals.comnsurance coverage required. Protects you against claims made by a third party for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained as a result of an accident while you are operating a rental. $1,000,000.00 Liability/$10,000.00 Property Damage.
* Supplemental Liability Insurance available for an additional $4.50 per day. Protects you against claims made by a third party for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained as a result of an accident while you are operating. $1,000,000.00 Liability/$300,000.00 Property Damage.
* All insurance offered covers property damage and third party liability. According to Florida state law, all riders and/or passengers must have health and/or travel insurance.
* Mechanical and Cosmetic damages are solely the Renters Responsibility.

Additional drivers are subject to purchase for their own insurance coverage from Chief Trike Rentals.


Motorcycle License is a Must, except if the driver has a Driver License from California or Delaware they can legally rent a three motorcycle with Out a motorcycle endorsement. We encourage you to reserve 2 to 4 weeks in advance to secure your desired rental date.

All reservations are final during the peak season. Motorcycle cancellations will only be granted if the weather is non-cooperative like heavy rain and this is only applicable to one day rentals only. Cancellation of a multiple day rental will have to be re-scheduled.
Reservation WILL NOT BE REFUNDED under any circumstances. Cancellations will only be re-scheduled.
Cancellations must be made within a minimum of 72 hours of the time of your reservation. We guarantee our Motorcycles upon reservation so keep in mind that the moment you reserve, that Motorcycle is no longer available for anyone else.

Delivery/Pick-Up charges vary depending on your requested location. Unless otherwise noted in your contract or written pre-arrangements, all bikes must be returned to the same location where they were dropped off. Renters who fail to comply will be charged additional fees to have the biked returned to where it belongs.

All renters are responsible for bringing the motorcycle back with a FULL TANK of gas; the same way they received it or a fee of $35.00 will be charged when the Motorcycle is returned with less fuel. (We do not have fuel in our locations’ so that means that we will have to send someone to refuel the Motorcycle for the next client & this is a big inconvenience to our business). Motorcycles require to be filled with premium fuel (90 Octane or higher). We can find out if you did not use premium gas, as we have access to a portable octane analyzer. Failure to put the right fuel will result in the renter being charged with the maintenance fees required to flush the gas tank and refill it with gas.

We measure the treads for all our Motorcycles before they leave the property and when they return. Excessive tread wear during the rental will result in the security deposit being forfeited. You will also have to pay for the tread used (i.e., a $400 tire with a 25% of the tread worn out will cost $100). We will not tolerate any kind of abuse on any of our Motorcycles and significant wear on the treads of the tire suggests that the Motorcycle was abused and some mechanical and drive train damage is sure to follow.

Security deposits are mandatory for all our Motorcycles. It requires an authorization, and will only be charged to your credit card as such. The security deposit IS NOT A SALE. The authorization will be returned to your card after 48hrs providing there are no damages incurred during your time with our Motorcycles. Security deposits are not required to make a reservation; however, a 2,000.00 Security deposit is due on the day of the rental. If you make a reservation and we are unable to process the security deposit on the day of your rental, the motorcycle will not be released. Security deposits will be deducted 70% of the rental rate, for every day that the Motorcycle is out of service for damages incurred during the rental.

Although we do put restrictions on where the vehicles can be driven to, we do require you to notify us ahead of time if you choose to leave our locale which includes all of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties. If the Motorcycle has any mechanical problems outside of our local area, the renter is responsible for bringing us back our Motorcycle to whichever location it was released from. If the bike is not returned to the proper location, we reserve the right to notify authorities.

Our fleet of Motorcycles includes an inventory of very expensive, high-end Motorcycles; and we are very serious about keeping them in great working conditions for all our customers and will not tolerate any abuse on them.

On that note, the Motorcycles MAY NOT be used:
– by anyone who is not an authorized driver on the rental agreement
– by anyone with a suspended driver’s license
– for any illegal purposes or in connections with any illegal activity
– for any off-road driving
– for any person for the purpose of learning to drive or learning to drive manual transmission

**Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the security deposit being forfeited and any damages will be the all responsibility of the renter.

Tickets are solely the responsibility of only the Motorcycle renter who had the reservation during the ticketed date and time. Failure to pay for any parking tickets will result of your credit card being charged for the full ticket amount, any late fees, and an additional $100.00 for administration fees. Highway toll charges are also subject to a $100 administration fee.
In case of a mechanical problem during your rental we will deliver to you another Motorcycle as fast as were are able; we can’t guarantee that it will be the same color or model, but your Motorcycle will be replaced. We DO NOT provide any refunds, so make sure you work with as to get you and the Motorcycle safely back on the road as soon as possible.